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I have the window curtain pushed all the way to one side and tightened by a clip. Outside above it is a mid cloudy sky with patches of fresh blue peeking from behind the ever so playful clouds. Just came out from the terminal interior, the light feels strong but strangely comforting to the eyes. The bus is now shaking in a hypnotizing rhythm towards Melaka Sentral. I could really doze off under such warmth on my face mixed with the faint leather taste lingering in the air.  
Melaka brings a tiny sprinkle of cool rain to its gray afternoon. What's more fun than temporarily hiding underneath the shelter of a nearby mall at this hour? The upbeat music on the radio and the surrounding happy voices altogether create a surprisingly welcoming environment. The sensational spices hit my taste buds while my late lunch is being devoured as if I have never known them at all.  
First time I chose to walk from the bus terminal to the Jonker Street area. It is quite a pleasant route with new things to see. I checked in to my usual lodging place after re-entering this familiar neighborhood. Looking outside of the vertical windows, sky is becoming brighter once more and the city is breathing calmly after the slight rain, before the nightfall.  
smells like the sea  

I have never seen an ocean like this. The subtle grayish hue nevertheless gently attacks my vision from all directions that even now my breath turns as blue. I do believe the distant ocean will fall beyond its edge, washing all impurities from the distrating world.

Sep 10, 2016    
One still sweats a bit in a chill morning like this walking up and down St. Paul's Hill. I could not shake off the eerie feeling since I was the only person wandering above the entire dark city. Now I am off to some place else.  
It is only 8am yet I have already accomplished nearly 8,000 steps around the city of Melaka. I am hungry!  
I am seeing the city in a whole new light. Countless times I came to Melaka during my four year stay in Malaysia, yet this world heritage town still has so much to offer. As for me, my devotion for the country is nothing less than a place I would dearly call home.  
Sep 11, 2016    
The cheer coming from a stranger's smile never cease to amaze me.