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Apr 9, 2011

April Fool's Holiday


An updated BEIQI Photography page has been launched. For easier browsing, new features such as pop-up windows, a built-in contact form, etc. are integrated into the navigation. Check it out!






Mar 26, 2011







Mar 19, 2011







Mar 16, 2011

Every Little Song


Please go here to make a donation for the ones who are not being as fortunate. Thank you!




Mar 15, 2011



Dr. Invisible has been testing his Time Machine No.2i with the most cautious mindset. He advances a little each day, so little that all the other Dr.s start to swing by other universes with the most ridiculous excuses. Some might say Dr. Invisible has lost his magic touch... only time can tell...

Dr. Invisible is laughing...



I received a new Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Autofocus Lens today. It's a very basic and small lens which I am rather satisfied with.




Mar 9, 2011

The Industrial Age




Life has been handing me a lot of little episodes lately, thus began the accelerating Industrial Age.




Feb 19, 2011

Testing Testing




Seems like a very blue day to me.




Feb 15, 2011

When Everybody Laughs



A lot to learn with the new camera!




Feb 14, 2011

My Funny Valentine



Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Work is going great by the way... =o)

I tracked down the package and then picked up my Canon EOS Rebel T2i right before the post office's closing time. No kidding, this guy could be so damn impatient sometimes. What an awesome treat! I finally got my hands on a new Canon after 4+ years. 4 great years it has been with my Canon XT. Just what kind of world would I have lived in if the first digital camera (a Casio Powershot) I owned didn't fail on me? Scaaaary~!

That's it for today kids! Chao!




Feb 12, 2011

All Natural Ginger Snaps


Ever since he started to appreciate his morning coffee without any sugar (or perhaps, it's just another irrelevant fact after all), Dr. Invisible has encountered many violent, yet spectacular explosions of possibilities which he now refers to as "Hope".



Dr. Invisible had proudly made a full circle, yet he's still as lost as ever. Who can blame him? After all, he's been traveling with OREO0gA21231. The universe is a big place for such an old spaceship. Still drink his favorite dark coffee every morning, he's gained a few extra pounds here and there, yet he's still as jolly as ever.



"Let me see... I like this view."




Feb 6, 2011

Hurricane Wanna Be






Feb 4, 2011

Night Loop



Sometime last year, my name made its way onto a webpage along with some photos I composed of a beach park in Naples. And now, a couple of my European shots are appearing on the "UP February Special Issue" print (Florida Atlantic University's own newspaper). I can't stress enough of Eurotrip 09's awesomeness. Therefore, to have a piece of my own experiences posted on a NEWSPAPER, it's just, if I may... fucking GOOOOOD!

I am excited by these small treats regardless how insignificant they might be compare to universe's grand scheme.




Feb 2, 2011

I Miss U



Life is good when you know it is good. I would like to take the time to congrat all my friends on their achievements and to wish them a great year to follow.

Happy Chinese New Year! Everyone!




Jan 30, 2011

This Is 2 And This Is 3







Jan 29, 2011

Jump To The Changing Season



All the excessive photoshop retouching and filtering is going to stop soon. It's madness!






Jan 28, 2011

No Fair




Guess I should've been a space cowboy. Run!




Jan 23, 2011

Fishing Hook






Jan 17, 2011

White Out






Jan 14, 2011

Zombie Fish Smiles






Jan 13, 2011

The Quiet Earth



Due to a few random encounters, I watched "The Quiet Earth" tonight. It's a New Zealand sci fi film from the 1980s. The movie pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment. A world full of possibilities yet lack of clear purpose is swallowing me whole. The Effect!




Jan 7, 2011

Gator Trail




Apoxee Park Natural Preserve, West Palm Beach




Jan 4, 2011

Vincent Says


I wish I could've known van Gogh. If time travel ever become possible for an average joe like me, it would be my very first choice to visit the late 19th century. I would talk to the greatest painter personally, "You are a BADASS!" Seriously, what other human being had gone through such an unfortunate life as one who possesses the same amount of raw talent and extraordinary visions for the world?



I don't have a starry night, but this will do for now.




Jan 2 , 2011






Watching new year's sunrise has been a tradition for me for nearly 10 years. As I calculated the numbers while talking to a friend on the phone last night, it hit me by surprise. Has it really been a full decade? Each year, that accelerating instant which the burning sun took to leap out of the careless horizon was nevertheless spectacular and unique in its own way. I adore every breath of the sky. You hear me?