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Jun 29, 2012

Pool Parties & All The Shots


Today is my last day at SingerArchitects. I am grateful for the experience and I will always think about the friends I've made at the firm. Thank you and best luck to you all!



Now.. let's talk about the future.




Jun 13, 2012

Lost And Found






Jun 10, 2012

Up High, But Not Quite






Jun 8, 2012








Jun 3, 2012







Jun 2, 2012

The Girl With The Covered Tattoo







May 30, 2012

One Day Sees A Red Crab







May 27, 2012

All Nightmares






May 20, 2012

Lovely Faces







May 19, 2012

The Worlds As You Know






May 18, 2012

Almost 90%



"We have choices all the time, it is the courage behind a choice we need to seek."




May 6, 2012

Above All The Lines






Apr 9, 2012

China Mobile



It turned out my iPhone was indeed unlocked. My phone # in Shanghai is 18721747641.




Apr 7, 2012

I Am Home



The times when it requires .5 second for you to acknowledge your whereabouts following a very deep sleep or a mixture of uneasy sleep and dreams


Funny thing, it was way too short this time for me to see how incredible the situation is and how little I've missed the place. All it took was an early gray morning accompanied by some old timer songs on my iPod, in love all over again. Many things have thundered through in my head.

am shaking and I still love you.






Apr 3, 2012

Life Gifts




Camera bag is packed with a new toy of the day.




Mar 31, 2012

It's The Third Time






Mar 27, 2012

Lunch Break






Mar 24, 2012

New Toy On The Block Does Wonders



Canon 85mm f/1.8 EF USM Autofocus Lens




Mar 7, 2012




















Feb 22, 2012



Lillian's last chapter had brought us not only grief, but also a series of valuable lessons of life, strength and nobility. For those who truly share the same believes as her will always be blessed by such greatnesses we, and you discovered.

It was one of the most difficult moments of my life if not the most difficult..

At one critical point, I was the one who deliver the following words to the nurse.. "It's time to go on as planned..(pulling the plug) " (I can't recall my exact saying) I absolutely felt helpless, but at the same time, a decision had to be made. Everyone knew Lillian's condition was very bad and most of us knew when the doctor asked Lillian's will in the morning, Lillian gave consent to remove the ventilator that evening. A decision which was too soon to be made had bothered me the entire day. Why would someone ask a very sick person if they would gave consent to have their lives terminated right after the person regained consciousness ? (Even if the person had somewhat planned this before.. when one lays on their dying bed, I believe what they desire would be a whole different story) Cruel.. I was mad when those words were given to Lillian just an hour after she woke up from a long, deep, miserable sleep. The subject was brought up later that night.


I asked Lillian again that evening, "Do you remember the things happened with the doctor this morning...?"

Lillian didn't respond, or maybe she shook her head a little as if she was trying to avoid the subject.

I asked two more times..

Lillian didn't respond.. Could she have forgotten..? I had no idea..

I didn't know what to do.. At that moment, I had nothing to rely on..

It was under such conditions, when 13 people were waiting for a final call, when certain someone had handed me the task.. I had to go back to the previous facts.. I finally accepted the challenge of telling the nurse what to do (the moment I realized I was the man of the family, and the man of the family has his responsibilities). I told her to go on with the procedure which was planned since the very morning.. The nurse responded in an automatic and emotionless way..

I cried, we cried.. I told my big aunt (Xiao-pei) that we should let Lillian go.. based on her will and what happened in the morning. It actually wasn't too much of a difficult thing to say when I said it, I admit. It wasn't difficult because what can one say in a situation like this.. we all knew this was coming for the past 12 hours..

But something happened while the nurse was calling the doctor..

Something very important.. Lillian's sister from NY (Pei-lang) had stepped into Lillian's room..

She had discovered Lillian's new wish.. Lillian woke up again, and she was still holding on.. We rushed into the room. Lillian's sister repeated what had just happened seconds ago and the same conversation was held again between the two of them. Clearly, Lillian didn't want the ventilator to be removed. She was holding the ventilator with her weak left hand.. A sight I will never forget..

I felt relieved.. I was grateful this unexpected turning point had happened before it was too late.

It was at that moment, I learned more about the value of life. No one wants to give up life regardless the pain they are in. Lillian was in a lot of pain, the fact she still wanted to hold on showed how valuable and how beautiful life was for her..

And life is to us.. how beautiful life is to us.. should be to us.

From that night on, the five of us (plus one additional character) did everything in our power to protect Lillian's own wish and we were all happy in a peculiar way. We enjoyed the moments we shared together and we cherished Lillian's strength and life with laughters and tight hugs.

It was that strength which had helped Lillian to spent the next two days with plenty of beautiful moments. She was able to open her eyes wide and saw us. She was able to nod when we asked her questions. She was able to communicate with slight hand gestures. She was able to look into my eyes and.. gave me all the things she wanted to say to me.. when there were just the two of us.

Now Lillian is passed away..


What we went through in the past 7 days had turned into one of my most important, most refreshing, and most heart wrenching experiences in life.

Life is beautiful, life is hard... but life is beautiful.

I love you Lillian, my dear grandma. And I will always cherish the world you once held on to. The rest of us will always be ok because we went through one of the most difficult things in life. And We won..

We will be ok..

You can finally rest..




Feb 21, 2012

Day 7 (in peace)



Grandma, Lillian, passed away on Monday (1:41 pm Feb. 20, 2012). It was a good ending.




Battle between pain and will, life and void, right and easy, respect and power, strength and sin, hope and acceptance, love and selfishness, hate and knowledge, future and present.

We won..


There were so many people who respected, loved Lillian. I am proud to be a part of her life.




Feb 12, 2012

Blue Berries




The amount of rich layers I find when I repeatedly visit the same place is often beyond my expectations.




Feb 5, 2012

Butterbeer For The Afternoon



Hogwarts, Orlando, FL







Feb 1, 2012

Crash and Fall



Dr. Invisible has dreamt a series of destructive nightmares. Last night's incident involved a plane crash and a building fall. Where were all these images coming from? He can't help but wonder repeatedly in the broad daylight..

We all wander in the broad daylight.




Jan 22, 2012

My Fair Eve



South Florida Fair, West Palm Beach




Jan 21, 2012

It's Warmer Out




Family dinner at Pelican Grand Beach Resort on Chinese New Year's Eve Eve.






Jan 14, 2012

All The Lightings Passing Through






Jan 9, 2012

Save For A Rainy Day



Everyone says.




Jan 8, 2012

Level Up



Fern Forest




Jan 7, 2012

The Days of Robotech




New Year's sunrise shot has been delayed quite a bit this year.






Jan 1, 2012

All Year Long


Happy New Year! Boys and Girls! It was not until 20 hours ago I suddenly notice the coming of 2012. I even forgot the long tradition of watching the sunrise on New Year's Day due to my recent development of.. well, having a cold. It sucks, but I had to stay in bed the entire day.

The Lord of the Ring Extented Edition has been really awesome. I started to watch Fellowship of the Ring around 6 and it lasted for about three hours. As the movie came to an end, I wondered a bit if everybody feels alone from time to time. Not everyone has to take on the solitary burden of fighting against the most evil being, or else the world would just perish. But if I am right, each of us all carries heavy weights we surely believe that no one else could comprehend. It's actually a pretty funny thought that each of us is and will always be the main character in our own unvierses. Perhaps I was being a nerdy movie buff on New Year's Eve, seeing Sam alongside of Frodo when he's set out to face the ultimate challenge really brought a smile to my heart.